Songkhla previously was a port and coastal trading post, now becomes thecommunity of fishermenand full of lovely beaches. The place is also the location of the Songkhla Lake Sea near Khut Waterfowl Park – home to hundreds of species. This is also one of the most famous coastal resorts where Hat Yai is the principal entertainment center to attract visitors. Meanwhile, Hat Yai is far from Songkhla by a 30-minute journey and is one of the largest cities in Thailand. This is an extremely popular tourist spots on holidays and you can find various goods here.

Hat Yai and Songkhla are ideal for tourism due to the contrast of the twins: the old buildings of Songkhla and the modern Amphoe Hat Yai. Ithas no problem going back and forth between two places by small trucks and buses regularly. There are manylocal people living in Songkhla and workingin HatYai, or living in Hat Yai and learning in Songkhla. For this reason, hundreds of buses and small trucks travel between the two towns each day.

Coming to these two lands, tourists can enjoy the beauty of Samila beach with water sport center that provides water sport equipment including rowing boats, paddle boats and speedboats. Cat and Rat Islands are also a highlight where you can play a role as an angler and have relaxing time while contemplate the fresh air and calming moments. Come to Tung Khuan Mountain with major attractions are ancient pagodas and royal pavilions. Take the chance to wander around the central market on Nakhon Nai Road with various local products and fresh ingredients for meals.

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