Nakron Nayok was founded over 900 years ago during the Davaravati period, from 6th to 13th century AD according to some remains discovered in Ban Dong Lakhon village in the south of the town. Under the reign of King U-Thong and the Ayutthaya, the town was a military base with infertile highland covered with forest. Due to the unproductive and unfruitful agriculture as well as jungle fever, the local people had to migrate to elsewhere. Until when the King announced an exemption of rice field tax, people moved in and inhabited as a community. It was then renamed Muang Nayok. In 1894, under the reign of King Rama V, it was designated as a part of Prachin Buri province and eventually became a province.

There are a large number of tourist places in Nakhon Nayok, both natural and historical attractions. Some cultural and historical sites can be found in the region as Dong Lakon Historical Town, the City Pillar, Chulachomklao Military Academy, King Rama V Monument, Circular Pavilion, Shrine of Chao Pho Khun Dan, etc. Besides, Nakhon also is home to refreshing natural beauty as parks, waterfalls, soft adventure activities and various delectable fruits. You can see natural scenic sites as Sarika Waterfall, Wang Takrai Waterfall and especially, the main tourism area is Khao Yai National Park where fresh mountain water pours into waterfalls and rivers. This place is also famous for a fabulous range of local fruits and local products as Dala, marble products, bamboo products, Khamnom Pia, Sugared Banana Chips, Preserved Fruits, etc. In addition, tourist can join in some festivals to have deeper understanding about its culture, some of them are Tak Bat Thewo Rohana Fair, Sweet Plum Mango and Nakhon Nayok Products, Thai Merit Making and Long boat Racing, etc with many contests, exhibitions and local entertainment at night which promise to be very exciting!

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