Travel in Thailand

Thailand may rightly claim its position as Asia’s original ‘traveller’s paradise’, but this country has never taken its popularity for granted, constantly delighting visitors and inspiring a loyalty that some destinations can only marvel at.

Travel in Thailand is generally effortlessly easy – it’s also centred around a wonderful playground of natural beauty, intriguing history, fun adventure, expert pampering, fine hotels and great food. This is a culture created by a people renowned for their warmth, serenity and love of sanuk (fun).
Where to travel in Thailand

The thrilling, full-on metropolis of Bangkok, the famed beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui, and the ethnically and culturally diverse north all unsurprisingly top the first-timer’s wish list. But there is so much more to Thailand than its headline acts.

Take, for example, Ayutthaya – an archaeological park at the centre of the country’s former capital with a history dating back 650 years – and Sukhothai, which was the first truly independent Thai kingdom. Its architectural style defined what we now call the ‘classic’ Thai aesthetic, and many of its wonderful temples and monuments have been beautifully restored. Or how about the state of Kanchanaburi, an adventure traveller’s paradise and gateway to the River Kwai; picturesque Isaan in the north-east and its borders with Laos and Cambodia, or Chiang Rai and the renowned Golden Triangle. Thailand is a country that gets right under the skin of visitors, as well as inspiring a rather unique sense of loyalty. And rightly so!

Reasons to love Thailand

    The food and the people. The first is justifiably renowned as one of the world’s great cuisines, while the second – with their warm welcome, graceful charm and delightful hospitality – are surely a large part of the reason travellers fall in love with ‘The Land of Smiles’.

Its adaptability. Thailand has long been a winner with travellers wanting a seductive taste of the Orient while, at the same time, enjoying the highest standards in service and quality. It’s even ideally suited to families, making it an effortless and enchanting introduction to exotic travel for even the smallest globetrotter.

Its shoreline! Spread across the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, with more than 3000km of coastline, the choice of beaches and islands is seemingly endless. The best known settings might be Phuket and Koh Samui, but there are so many more, whether you’re looking for plenty of activity or a secluded corner of paradise.

Thai is the national and official language of Thailand. Its origins can be traced back to a South Indian script and it is written left to right across the page with no spaces between words. The script used in the language is unique to Thai.

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Map of places to visit in Thailand

Thailand ⟩ Koh Samui

Thailand ⟩ Koh Pha Ngan

Thailand ⟩ Koh Tao

Thailand ⟩ Chiang Mai

Thailand ⟩ Golden Triangle

Thailand ⟩ Angkor Temples

Thailand ⟩ Hoa Binh

Thailand ⟩ Yala

Thailand ⟩ Trang

Thailand ⟩ Surat Thani

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