Cycle Thailand to Cambodia, Touring Bangkok to Siem Reap 7 Days/6 Nights

Experience an amazing trip biking from Bangkok to Angkor, the best way to travel between these famous places. Ride through Thailand to Cambodia and discover countryside life, beautiful scenery, friendly people, fun cycling, and tasty food. It’s a journey you’ll never forget!

Explore the charm of South East Asia on a less-traveled path, where you can engage with locals, unwind in cozy accommodations, and indulge in delectable cuisine.

With smooth, enjoyable rides and reliable support vehicles, we confidently assure that anyone who loves leisurely biking can relish this cycling escapade.

Join us for a 259 KM / 162 MI bike ride, mostly on flat terrain with a few small hills. We’ll cycle on different surfaces like dirt, roads, and sometimes bumpy trails in Cambodia.

We’ll cross some high areas, but don’t worry, we’ll drive up and bike down to keep it manageable for most riders. If you need help, our comfy support vehicle is there for you.

This trip is perfect for both experienced riders looking for a relaxed journey and beginners wanting to try cycle touring.

If you’d like some extra help, you can choose a pedal-assist E-bike for an additional $175.


  • Explore the coastline to Chanthaburi by bike and uncover the charm of the old Thai town.

  • Join a village industries tour in Battambang, led by locals, to gain insight into Cambodian daily life.

  • Witness the breathtaking sunrise hues over the majestic spires of Angkor Wat.

  • Embark on thrilling jungle trails by bike to uncover both hidden and renowned temples.


  • Day 1

    Starting with a pickup from your Bangkok hotel at 8am, there is a 2.5 hour transfer to the south, bypassing the minor cities of Chonburi and Pattaya and starting our ride from a secluded buddhist temple. Here we get fitted with the bikes and start out at a gentle pace on undulating minor roads through small farming communities. As the day wears on, we make a stop at a roadside restaurant serving everyone’s favorite light Thai meal, Pad Thai!

    The ride brings us to the door of our accommodation, sitting on a headland looking out over the Gulf of Thailand. There are some nice walks from the resort down into the nearby town where an aquarium is located. From the resort we can see Koh Samet island, one of the most popular weekend holiday escapes for Bangkokers and we will be able to see the boats shuttling people back and forwards to the island.

  • Day 2

    An early start in this climate is a good idea, so we do that and after a short drive, we get out on the bikes and ride the gently undulating road along the coast where food vendors and cafes with hammocks are placed at perfect intervals. We make a stop at one of these for lunch and have an opportunity for a swim before we continue on to the minor city of Chanthaburi and our comfortable resort, located on the outskirts of town on one of the key irrigation channels.

  • Day 3

    This morning, we will take a delightful ride to discover Chanthaburi town and its adjacent farming areas. Our first stop will be the Catholic quarter, followed by the morning market, where we can savor freshly made snacks and traditional tea. Then, we will head out of town and ride through fruit orchards on less-used roads, including mangosteen, rambutan, longan, and of course, durian, which is loved by some and hated by others.
    We will even visit a shrine to the fruit, Durian Land, where we can see how it is grown, sample the real fruit, and browse through quirky durian souvenirs and packaged products (depending on the season).

    After lunch, we will transfer in the van for just over an hour to reach the Thailand/Cambodia border. At this point, we will say goodbye to our amazing Thai team and meet our charming Cambodian team.
    The experience of arriving in Cambodia will be quite different, with fewer vehicles, less development, and more enthusiastic children calling out cheerful hellos from the sidelines.

    We arrive in Battambang, the provincial capital, just before sunset where our lovely lodging for the night awaits us.

  • Day 4

    This morning we will take a tour led by students of Kinyei: a local vocational training NGO that has created a cycling program called Soksabike. With this cycling tour, we will discover the various villages and livelihoods of Battambang, most of which are food related, so be prepared to see that food baby emerge! Our exploration provides a great insight into how the locals live and get by here. We will see the production of rice wine, dried bananas, and a local snack called Kralanh (bamboo sticky rice) before we return to town to eat once again. 

    Next, hop on the new bamboo train, a community-driven initiative that supports local livelihoods. Travel along a 4-kilometer track through breathtaking scenery alongside the Banan hills. The rest of the afternoon is yours to explore the town or to enjoy some time by the pool.

  • Day 5

    Embark on a morning ride that will take you through the stunning countryside of Battambang. Begin your journey with a scenic drive past picturesque villages and lush forests to reach Prasat Banan, an 11th-century Angkorian temple perched atop a 358-stairs steep hill overlooking the Sangker River. Feel free to climb up the stairs to marvel at the impressive architecture and learn about the incredible engineering feats that went into building this ancient temple. 

    As you journey through the countryside, witness the diverse way of life that thrives in this region, including passing by the local mosques. 

    After your ride, return to your hotel for lunch and some time to refresh yourself for the next leg of the journey. 

    In the afternoon, bid farewell to Battambang and embark on a scenic three-hour drive to Siem Reap. Along the way, take in the stunning views of the countryside and anticipate the adventure and discovery that awaits you in Siem Reap. 

  • Day 6

    This morning, we will ride the trails and paths through the Angkor archeological park, visiting some of the most impressive, but relatively unknown temples, Preah Khan and Ta Som. These are connected by a network of shaded trails through the beautiful forest that forms one of the best-protected national parks in Cambodia. Lunch will be at a local house in Angkor Park.

    Occasionally we pop out of our secret route to find busloads of tourists being herded through the main highlights, but we will avoid the crowds and instead time our visits to take advantage of the quieter periods and the hidden highlights of these vast ancient structures. The ride will conclude just before sunset, so it stands to reason that we should see out the day with a sundowner in hand before we make our way to one of Siem Reap’s best restaurants where tightly held family recipes have been lovingly preserved for our benefit.

  • Day 7

    Prepare for an early rising this morning, as we get moving before the sun has peeked out from behind the horizon and the first roosters have started to crow. We’ll transfer to the otherworldly Angkor National Park, where all tour participants will gather in front of the many imposing towers of the main temple itself. If we get lucky with the weather, we’ll catch a spectacular color show as the sun rises behind the great temple’s spires.

    Once the sun is up and the crowds of tourists have dispersed, we will begin our in-depth exploration of this and other ancient temples in the Angkor complex and enjoy breakfast in these peaceful surroundings. Discover the mysteries this jungle has to offer as we cycle down narrow tracks and hidden dirt paths to iconic temples such as Bayon or Ta Prohm, and some of the lesser-known ancient structures.

    We’ll enjoy lunch by the Sra Srang Reservoir that surrounds the Angkor Wat temple before we head back to the hotel.

    As our cycling adventure comes to a close in the afternoon, we’ll head back to the hotel where you can enjoy a relaxed check-out process and prepare for your next steps. Whether you’re bound for the airport or considering extending your stay to delve deeper into the delights of this vibrant town, our team is here to assist. Should you wish to arrange a departure transfer or explore further, simply reach out to our customer service team, and they’ll be delighted to accommodate your requests.


Yes, it is.

No, each participant is responsible for their own travel documents and arranging visas.

The sunrise varies according to the season. To find the time of the next sunrise at Angkor Wat click this link.

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