Explore Vietnam’s Ocean Road on a self-guided bike tour

Explore the cultural, scenic, and delicious side of coastal Vietnam on this unique bike tour. Starting from Hue, pedal along the coast, passing by Cau Hai Lagoon and heading to Hoi An. You can explore the countryside, visit My Son ruins, or just relax in this UNESCO-favorite city. Ride through quaint beach towns, fishing ports, and lush coastal plains, with friendly locals along the way. Use our app and navigation system to create your own adventure while following our suggestions. You might even pick up some Vietnamese words to chat with locals! This cycling trip along Vietnam’s coast promises unforgettable views and experiences.



  • Discover the beautiful colonial French buildings and stunning views from the Perfume River in Hue.

  • Enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Cau Hai Lagoon, surrounded by mountains.

  • Ride through quaint villages and green rice fields in rural Hoi An, heading to the ancient ruins of My Son, a UNESCO site.

  • Cycle through traditional fishing villages and end your day on the peaceful island of Tam Hai.

Itinerary idea in detail

Includes international flights from a choice of UK airports, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

  • Day 1

    You will commence your tour in the historic city of Hue, the last seat of Imperial power in Vietnam. A Grasshopper Self-guided representative will meet with you at your hotel to deliver your equipment, conduct a briefing on the road and travel conditions in Vietnam and explain how to use the technology provided. You will then try out your new wheels on a loop ride explore the many faces of this tranquil city with its crumbling citadel walls, atmospheric Perfume River and colonial French architecture.

  • Day 2

    Once you clear the city limits you will find yourself on country roads with only an occasional vehicle passing by. Rice fields will give way to low sand dunes and farmers’ homes begin to transition into fishing cottages as the ocean finally comes into view. You’ll then enjoy pedaling some rolling hills weaving in and out of the coastline throughout the day, there will also be plenty of delicious Vietnamese food along the way to fuel your ride. Reaching the vast Cau Hai Lagoon, nested against a dramatic mountain backdrop you will also catch the first glimpse of the ocean. You can expect to encounter very few other people here aside from local Vietnamese families. Take our recommendations for the best local eateries to satisfy your appetite.

  • Day 3

    Today, you will start cycling on small hills that will prepare you for the challenging but scenic climb up the Hai Van Pass. A well-made road snakes its way up the mountain, offering views over the ocean and lagoon below. The majority of traffic goes through an alternative tunnel, so you can expect to enjoy pedaling a quiet road with a relaxed gradient. The descent down the other side is of equal distance and will lead you along a coastal road into Da Nang, a bustling financial capital of the province. After a section of busier suburban roads you’ll see Da Nang from the vantage points of two of its many famous bridges and visit the monument of Lady Buddha.

    Finally, you will meet our representative who will transfer you to the ancient trade town of Hoi An that has withstood regular floods and multiple wars to remain wonderfully intact and charming as ever.

  • Day 4

    A day of rest will help prepare you for the riding ahead and allow you to explore the rich history and diverse architecture of this ancient town. There’s an excellent mix of modern and traditional food to enjoy, plus the beach is just a short ride away. Use our app to follow our recommendations of places to visit, or take a wander on your own. Alternatively, if you feel your lust for cycling has not been satiated enough to take a rest, you can take on our curated 28km ride of the city and surrounding countryside.

  • Day 5

    Today you will have a ride that takes you from historic Hoi An to the enchanting My Son ruins, a cluster of ancient remains of Hindu tower-temples set amidst a leafy jungle valley. Once the primary intellectual and religious center of the kingdom of Champa, My Son was re-discovered by French archaeologists in the 19th century and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    The cycling route will take you across rivers and through picturesque countryside, along rural back roads accessible only by bike and hidden from most tourist routes. Passing small villages and rice fields, inquisitive locals will greet you along the way, it will be a day of smiles, history and tranquillity, before meeting your driver and transferring back to lovely Hoi An for the evening.

  • Day 6

    As you leave Hoi An, you’ll likely see many of the market vendors bringing in their produce from the surrounding farms. Today’s ride takes a gravel road through a collection of small fishing villages on another peninsula, where fish are farmed in ponds and ocean winds whip around the homes dotted along the shoreline. With a push from the sea breeze, you continue pedaling south towards the next stop, Tam Ky, the capital city of Quảng Nam Province. After a visit to its notable sights, you will go back towards the ocean and take a ferry to the small Tam Hai Island where your Vietnamese hosts await at a delightful resort.

  • Day 7

    Today is one of the few days where you will need to spend some of your ride along a major road. While you can expect to encounter more traffic while cycling, the road is very well made and the ride will be smooth. You’ll pass through some manufacturing districts before returning to small coastal roads and quaint villages, where seafood is pulled straight from the ocean and cooked for lunch.
    Once your belly is full, you have a short distance remaining to the university town of Quang Nai. Along the way, you pedal past the solemn but poignant Son My Memorial, the site of one of the most infamous crimes committed by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War – the My Lai Massacre. The memorial site contains a war history museum, gallery and an assembly of sculptures constructed in memory of the multiple civilian victims.

    This is where you will meet with our representative who will transfer you back to Hoi An. If you have plans to stay in Quang Ngai or continue south, our representative will relieve you of the equipment. Alternatively, if you are ready to leave there are daily flights from Da Nang to major airports in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city. If you would like to take a domestic flight then Chu Lai airport connects with all major Vietnamese airports.

    If required, the Grasshopper Self-guided team can assist with booking further accommodation or transport for you. If your immediate plan is to board a flight or a train then our team will take you to a friendly hotel where you can use the facilities to freshen up before your flight.

Accommodation options

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  • All breakfasts
  • 6 nights in comfortable and charming accommodation
  • Daily luggage transfers and on-call support
  • Self-guided app and navigation equipment Cannondale bikes
  • Memento cycling jersey and water bottle

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